Adoption Lawyers and Process

Grandparents — Legal Representation in Huntington, WV
Among our favorite types of cases is adoption. When divorce is rampant, and couples who once loved each other are tearing each other apart so often, it's a joy and a pleasure to join together a child who is alone and the parents who love them. Sometimes the child is a newborn baby, and sometimes the child is a teen or even a young adult. People need to know they belong and adoption provides a sense of connection and belonging that few other things can. Some of our happiest days are the ones where we send a happy couple out the door with a baby in arms, whose last name now matches theirs. The attorneys at Sammons, Olivero & Paraschos can represent you in your adoption of a child out of the Child Protective Services system or subsidized DHHR adoption cases. In the West Virginia Abuse and Neglect system, many parent's parental rights are terminated and children are left in the foster care system and or placed with family members or friends. These foster parents, family members or friends need experienced attorneys to represent them in adoptions.
Let our experienced adoption lawyers enjoy the best moments with you; the adoption of a loved child.