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4 misconceptions about personal injury cases

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect, Wrongful Death

A few misconceptions about personal injury cases keep many people from exercising their rights for justice and fair compensation.

Victims of an accident can suffer from injuries that interrupt their lives and interfere with their ability to work. It can also leave the individual with significant medical bills. These misconceptions often keep people from pursuing legal action against the other party.

1. It is only a minor injury

You may not realize the serious extent of your injuries right after the accident occurs. Some conditions, such as internal bleeding, have symptoms that appear hours or days later. Any injury should receive a professional medical diagnosis and assessment before you decide against legal action.

2. There is plenty of time to make a case

There is a statute of limitations in place for personal injury cases. Under West Virginia law, you have two years from the date of the injury to make a case against the party at fault.

3. Insurance will cover the injuries

Insurance companies do not have your interest in mind when settling an accident case with you. The tendency is to offer a low settlement right away to close the file and move on. The law entitles you to compensation for different damages, but insurance companies will not always include these in your settlement.

4. Lawsuits ruin lives

Fighting for compensation is not an attack on a person’s character. Though challenging, it is important to put personal feelings aside and prioritize your health and financial needs.

Personal injury lawsuits are a way for you to cover your medical bills and any other financial interruptions caused by an accident that was not your fault. Pay attention to the truths of the process instead of believing the misconceptions.