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Is it too late to get a postnuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Family Law

If you find yourself wondering whether it is too late to establish a postnuptial agreement, you are not alone. Postnuptial agreements, often referred to as postnups, are common legal arrangements made after a marriage has already taken place.

Many married individuals are hesitant to broach the topic with a spouse. However, postnuptial agreements can provide notable benefits for both parties involved.

When is it too late for postnuptial agreements?

Fortunately, there is not a deadline of any sort for creating a postnuptial agreement. While it is typically recommended to draft one soon after marriage, it can spouses can initiate an agreement at any point during the marriage. This means that if you and your spouse are several years into your marriage or more, it is not too late to consider a postnuptial agreement.

Why consider a postnuptial agreement now?

Several factors might lead couples to consider a postnup later in their marriage. These could include:

  • Change in circumstances
  • Strengthening the marriage
  • Protection for both parties
  • Estate planning

One particularly important consideration when thinking about a postnup is that it should be a mutually agreeable process. If one spouse wishes to draft a postnuptial agreement for selfish reasons, it can lead to heated conflict.

What should I keep in mind when drafting a postnup?

Regardless of when you decide to create a postnuptial agreement, the key to its success lies in transparency and open communication with your spouse. Both parties should be actively involved in the process. The terms should also be fair and reasonable to ensure that the agreement is upheld in the eyes of the law.

There were a total of  689,308 reported divorces across the United States in 2021. While many people enjoy happy, long-lasting marriages, this figure illustrates the possibility that almost anyone might undergo a split. Considering a postnuptial agreement can help you and your spouse achieve a favorable outcome if divorce is ever on the table.